Our (VESNER Educational Trust) vision is to empower rural India by educating underprivileged classes. We believe that proper education makes up each and every citizen productive and socially responsible.


Improving the status of rural students as well as the rural peoples by providing them Quality education, Social awareness, Financial support to the economically backwards, Facility to learn and get informed about necessary information for their day to day life, Latest technology easily accessible, and by encouraging youngsters towards the social welfare activities.


  • Education
    • Providing Educational Sponsorship to the under privileged
    • Promotion of Standard Education and Learning
    • Promotion of Self- and Socio- Behavioral¬† Standards
    • Promotion of Knowledge Sharing
    • Propagation of education and training of the masses
    • Providing world class facility to the rural students
    • Creating the skilled competitors from the rural
  • Social Welfare
    • To conduct awareness in the areas of Education, Health, Sanitation, Drinking Water, Prevailing Issues for the welfare of the public
    • To undertake actions and propagandize the Issues of Climate Change/ Environment/ Social Welfare